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March  2017: Clone Wars: Automation in Research


You have never had so many ways to get close to your customers. Really. Because research is getting faster and cheaper. You can book online research which comes back to you as a PowerPoint presentation within hours which no researcher has set eyes on. The whole process has been automated. There are two up and coming discussions about automation and Artificial intelligence in research and whether it’s a brilliant innovation or dumbing down.

On Tuesday Feb 28th you can join a free online webinar organised by New MR. Ray Pointer, Steve Phillips, Fiona Blades, Rachel Lawes and Natalie Geddes will be debating how far automation can and should be allowed to go.


MRS conference 2017And on March 14th if you are coming to the MRS conference I will be chairing a panel on the topic Can Automation Co-exist with Elicitation? My panel will include author and psychologist Oliver James, Dr Mariann Hardey from Durham Business School, Steve Phillips once again!, and Anjali Puri of Global TNS. There is still time to book.

One way or another you should think about how far the robots should be allowed to go. But whatever your conclusion – you need to be talking to your customers!   I shall let you know how it goes!

Do I have your attention?

I have been doing some reading up of engagement thinking for an up and coming project.  Of course, when I call it engagement, it sounds respectable. but what exactly IS engagement and when it does it become mere irritation attention seeking when online visitors swiftly scroll past or click onto a new window?

The challenge is that increasingly people are not engaged by the many messages they get every day. They are distracted by them from the tasks they are trying to do. And being distracted doesn’t mean you are paying attention to the thing which distracted you. In the coming weeks I shall be running interviews with industry figures on this topic. If you think you  have something to say about the topic get in touch.

Research Liberation Front celebrates its 10th birthday

Ten years ago a handful of us set up a pop-up fringe event in a pub down the seafront from the national research conference in Brighton. We did pecha kuchas, interviewed a professional respondent, held a quiz to find the most flagrant abuser of research.And we held a vote to find the industry’s favourite research revolutionary.  In the succeeding years, we ran similar events in London and New York. And learned a lot about how influential you can be if you stand next to things you want to change and act different. Out of this movement came the Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage for bravery in research now in its 6th year taking nominations. If you know a brave researcher or research project then click here and nominate them. We’re having a bit of a 10th birthday do in a bohemian club opposite the MRS conference on March 14th at 6pm. At which we will find a new revolutionary research and remember 10 years of light hearted mischief which was always deadly serious about the research issues we poked fun at. That is how you bring about change. Let me know if you want to come we still have a bit of room.  The far out decor is based on Slim Gaillard the great jazzer.   s may be 40 years old but they have a wisdom that speaks to the marketers today.

Up and coming

Yup lots going on. And 3 lots of college students to visit to talk about 98% Pure Potato as well! There’s a review of the book due in the next issue of Admap Magazine. But this is the point when I remind you that if you need something done or thought about to pick up the phone or mouse and get in touch. Have a mad March!

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