Running workshops for you

I also have considerable experience in running workshops for companies. Whether big ones like Microsoft needing to sort out hugely complex communications issues, or research implementation with multinational research studies, or new product development, or business development. I have even run a workshop for an agency and client barely on speaking terms a kind of marketing Relate!

Workshops should follow standard structure but each should be designed to be bespoke

Here’s a list of some of the workshops I have run in the past:

Business development – Useful for a management team working ahead from a year to two years at a time.  Can take from half a day to 2 days.

Brand development – this varies but again very useful to have a whole management team sometimes the entire company if its a startup to get a deep understanding of what the brand stands for

Research implementation – this is a bit of a specialism but when you have several different country studies to integrated it can be helpful to have a workshop to put them all together and agree a common implementation path

Customer journey – there are lots of ways of working alongside your customers to get a better understanding of how to develop your business and the quality of their experience


Workshops are an art form – they can be really energising for a team. Making sure that everyone is on the same page.


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