Running account planning projects

98% Pure Potato SReadings in Account Planning o if you’re looking for someone to deliver comms strategy and account planning thinking here are my credentials

I have been working in and around account planning for my entire career. I have worked in agencies of all kinds at every level as a planner. And worked alongside and got to know some of the best and greatest planners in the business. As something of a planning geek I created the website you can find on to broaden the language of account planning away from advertising to the whole of communications.

Account planning is the art of making communications based on customer response

I contributed a chapter on integrated communications to the book Readings in Account Planning which also featured chapters from writers like Malcolm Gladwell and Scott Adams.  That is in process of being revised and reissued later in 2016.

And in July of 2016 98% Pure Potato was published and is distributed by Penguin Random worldwide.  It is based on first hand interviews with the first generation of planners.  I wrote it with Tracey Follows former chair of the Account Planning Group and chief strategy officer of J Walter Thompson one of the agencies where account planning started.

So I know my trade and I am still passionate about it.



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