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Kata – routines- algorithms – patterns

If you have ever done any martial arts then you will know about kata the exercises practiced solus to improve technique, speed and accuracy.  This section of the website will add a series of such exercises for account planners!  Think of them as mental workouts particularly when you are in a jam.  We all fall into familiar patterns of thinking and responding.  And we all know of planners who seem to have been successful doing one thing very well.  Over and over again.  But most of us get stuck from time to time and need jogging out of the ruts we get into.  Which is what this section is all about.

Some of the kata I want to post here are legendary. Arguably a creative brief is a formalised kata most agencies cannot survive without.  Think of them in two ways, as ways of jumping out of the loop and as checks as to whether you have been thorough enough at following a particular routine through.  WARNING: Whatever happens don’t try to do several at one time.  They will tie you up in knots!! By the way I’m not the bloke in the illustrations: there’s a limit isn’t there to self promotion?

Here is the link to the Kata Page which has 8 kata and 3 Antikata

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