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  • RT @MothTwiceborn: Today, my album, Confound & Disturb is released! A bit Peter Sellers, a bit Bob Newhart, a bit Vivian Stanshall... 2 days ago
  • When someone tells me research groups don't work I think the same as when someone tells me the piano is boringYou're not a piano player RU? 4 days ago

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Account Planning Craft

To explain – there’s a sister website called  where there is a whole section on Planning Craft. So here’s the link to get there.

Here are a series of links to access different parts of it

What I hadn’t realised was that in Heather LeFevre’s book – one of her interviewees Jason Oke referenced Planning Kata on this site so having moved it across to the link will have gone dead – so here’s how to find your way back to it via the original page on Just click on Kata and it will take you there.



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