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April 2014: the future is barefoot

My name is John Griffiths. I offer communications planning, research, facilitatation and training. The links below will give an indication of the range of things I do.



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My Blog Further and Faster – contains musings
from 2006 on every topic under the sun!
Electric Learning the training company for researcherscontact me fast
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The menu above should provide potential and existing clients with enough information to determine if I’m right for that job you would really like to get done – and deciding if I’ve got the relevant background.

The first thing you may enjoy is the monthly newsletter. Mail me if you want to be added to the mailing list . Read more….

The back catalogue of writing about communications planning and strategy is still here. Just point your mouse at the menu on the left.

Information about John Griffiths the webmaster.  Click here to get my contact details or call 07740 125794

You can always catch my blog on Furtherandfaster not to mention johngriffiths7 on twitter

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