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My name is John Griffiths. And I run Planning Above and Beyond. The links below will give an indication of the range of things I do. I work with all sorts of companies to help them solve many different kinds of marketing problems.  They tell me I help them think!  The headline is from my monthly newsletter which you can click through to read below. 

What I offer in a nutshell is better understanding of your customers. To give your business more traction and to help you communicate new products and services faster and with conviction.



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The menu above should provide potential and existing clients of Planning above and Beyond with the information to determine if we are right for that job that needs to be done right.  

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The back catalogue of writing about communications planning and strategy is still here. Just point your mouse at the menu on the left. It will take you to where there are over 150 pages of content.

Information about John Griffiths the webmaster.  Click here to get my contact details or call 07740 125794

You can always catch my blog on Furtherandfaster not to mention johngriffiths7 on twitter

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